The hugely popular muscle hammer is a quick help for muscle pain

The muscle hammer has become very popular in a short time, and is not popular; with a hammering hammer, handling is a quick help to muscle pain, tension and stiffness. Athletes also prefer a muscle maintenance hammer to warm up and recover from muscle after a workout. In addition to efficient and fast-acting handling, the muscle hammer has the advantage of its size. The hammer fits in a training bag, backpack or suitcase, so self-massage is possible anywhere and anytime.

How does a muscle hammer work?

The muscle maintenance hammer produces rapid pulses, or pulses, that affect the deep muscles. The pulses relieve tension in the muscle tissue and improve blood circulation in the treated area. The jams open, the tension eases and the muscles relax. The processing can be focused very precisely on the problem area. The muscle maintenance hammer usually comes with different massage heads for handling different muscles. The level and intensity of the vibration can be adjusted, so rubbing is both light and very strong.


  • Sends fast hammer-like beating pulses deep into muscle
  • Fast pulses soften muscle tension very effectively and quickly
  • Affects deep muscles in places not always accessible with traditional massage methods
  • Get quick help with muscle pain
  • Improves blood circulation, helping muscle recovery and development
  • The jam opens and the muscle relaxes
  • Suitable for everyone, from regular exercisers to top athletes and physiotherapists
  • Proven to be effective, safe, and easy to use
  • Massage your muscles at home, at work, or right after a sport!

The Muscle Care Hammer is a safe, easy-to-use tool for removing stuck, relaxing and recovering from sports. In the range of muscle hammers, you will find high-quality muscle maintenance hammers at a reasonable price. See the selection and order yours now!


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