Shipping policy

Terms of delivery

We deliver parcels from the domestic warehouse to the Post's pick-up point. Packages that may arrive from the central warehouse will also be delivered to the Post's pick-up point.

Delivery in 2-6 business days.

Customer contact information

  • NOTE! Always check that your email / phone number is correct . If the contact information in the order is incorrect, you may not receive a delivery notification for the package, in which case the package will be returned to us. In these cases, the terms of the non-retrievable packages will apply without notice.


  • Our warehouse is located in Vantaa and our central warehouse in Germany. The products usually come from a warehouse in Vantaa and the location of the warehouse does not affect the delivery speed or delivery costs. If the products are out of stock in Vantaa, the replenishments will come directly from the central warehouse in Germany. If your order includes products shipped from different locations, the packages will come separately. However, this will not increase the postage you pay.

Shipping costs:

  • Purchases over € 100 have free shipping.
  • We offer all orders to Finland according to Posti's price list. Standard postage costs $ 5.90.

Delivery time:

Usually takes 2-6 business days to ship.

We only ship orders on weekdays, not weekends or holidays.

Please also note that delivery times are estimates and may vary by courier and situation. Delayed deliveries will be delivered as soon as possible and the customer will be notified immediately.

Pre-order delivery times vary from above.

  • Delivery times vary by location, delivery method, and factors beyond our control.
  • If the product is out of stock, we will deliver the products immediately upon receipt of the product.

Damaged shipments:

In cases where tracking information shows that a shipment has been delivered to your address but the package (s) is damaged in the shipment, please report the shipment directly to the courier. is not responsible for damaged shipments.

Packets sent to the wrong address:

Always check that your name and shipping address are correct. Unfortunately, once we receive your order, we will no longer be able to make any changes to your address or other information.

Please note that is not obliged to offer a refund if the customer has provided an incorrect delivery address.

Unclaimed Packages:

  • We reserve the right to charge you € 19.90 for a package that is not picked up or received, to cover your costs. The package will be stored at the pick-up point for seven days, after which it will be returned to us. Please note that if you wish to return a package, you must first pick up the package and follow our return instructions. Failure to pick up a package Refusing to receive / receive mail does not mean a refund. Non-retrievable packages are not eligible for return.

If the package is coming from the central warehouse and the customer does not receive the package, the same conditions apply as above. is not obliged to reimburse the return costs to the customer.

Tracking your shipment:

  • You can track your shipment from the Mail Tracking page.