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1. General Terms and Conditions

Lihasvasara.fi is the marketplace of Webasant (3134722-6). These Terms and Conditions apply to the commercial relationship between Webasant and its customers. The terms and conditions set forth by that service provider also apply to the services and products provided by Webasant. Webasant reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering, which can be read on Lihasvasara.fi's website.

Webasant shall not be liable for any damages resulting from Force Majeure. Force Majeure shall be deemed to be an unforeseeable event or change in circumstances beyond Webasant's control. Webasant is obliged to notify the customer of the force majeure without delay.

2. Customer and Privacy

Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant welcome all private and corporate customers. The trade relationship complies with applicable Finnish and EU legislation regarding consumer trade, marketing and advertising. The sales agreement between Business Customers and Webasant will primarily comply with these terms and conditions.

When placing an order, the customer is obliged to provide their full contact details , which include at least the name, address and telephone number of the consumer customer and possibly an e-mail address. The information required for business customers includes the contact name, phone number, and email, as well as the business ID, mailing address, phone number or numbers, and billing address, if applicable.

Customer information is stored in Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant's customer register , where the information is used to maintain the customer relationship. In addition, Webasant and its online stores have the right to process and disclose information in the register for legitimate uses (such as direct marketing) in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99).

The Privacy Statement in accordance with the Privacy Policy is available at Lihasvasara.fi. The customer may prohibit the use and processing of their data for marketing purposes and check the data concerning themselves by contacting Lihasvasara.fi's customer service. Contacts must be made by e-mail to info@lihasvasara.fi.

Lihasvasara.fi uses cookies (cookies), which can be used to make the site more user-friendly. The purpose of cookies on the Lihasvasara.fi website is to facilitate, improve and speed up the transaction experience. Cookies can also be used to provide better offers and more personalized product recommendations to the customer. A cookie is a small text file that Lihasvasara.fi's web server stores on the user's hard drive. Some of the content on the Lihasvasara.fi website may require the acceptance of cookies in order to function. The user's web browser will probably accept cookies by default, but you can also block cookies from your browser settings or delete cookies from your browser when you stop using the service. See your browser's manufacturer's instructions for more information on browser-specific instructions.

3. Price list

Prices include VAT but do not include shipping, unless otherwise stated. If there are obvious price errors in the price list, the product will not be sold at a significantly lower price if it can be assumed that the customer has understood the error.

We always check prices at the time of processing. When the price decreases, we correct the prices to the customer's open order.On the other hand, if the price of the product rises before the order is shipped, we will deliver it at the original price

Delivery time estimates are based on information provided by importers and manufacturers. Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant or its suppliers are not responsible for delays caused by unforeseen changes outside their scope.

Webasant reserves the right to restrict sales of products in exceptionally large batches. Webasant does not sell its products for resale.

The age limits of the products are observed as prescribed by law. Ordering K-18 products requires you to submit your date of birth to Webasant

4. Delivery

Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant offer a comprehensive range of transport. You can read more about delivery methods and their service content on our website. Lihasvasara.fi's shopping cart automatically takes into account transport offers. Products in a single order can be delivered in several shipments for delivery technical reasons. We will primarily ship products in a single order, in which case we will ship the entire order once the last product has been in stock.
We aim to process the finished order within 48 hours of receiving it. A ready-made order means an order in which all the products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the payment method for the order has been accepted.

Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant are not obliged to reserve other products of the same order to the customer if the availability of one product is poor or its delivery is delayed for reasons beyond Webasant's control. Alternatively, the consumer may accept either post-delivery of the delayed product or cancellation of the order. Postage for postage will normally be charged according to the valid price list. The products in the order are reserved for a maximum of 7 days, after which the order is canceled unless the customer has agreed to post-delivery in accordance with the terms of Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant. If the ordered product is not picked up from the Post Office within the deadline, the customer will be charged the full cost of delivery to the company.

5. Payment

Current information on payment methods can be found on the Lihasvasara.fi website.
Klarna Invoice and Installment Payment are the payment methods offered by Klarna AB. Detailed credit descriptions and creditor information are specified in the shopping cart as required by law.

6. Warranty

The warranty is governed by the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. You are obliged to read the warranty conditions supplied with the product before using the product. Warranty conditions can be found in the operating instructions, a separate warranty form or the web address provided by the manufacturer. The warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials in the product. Wear due to normal use is not covered by the warranty. The batteries have a three-month warranty. The warranty period is specified in the product information.

Warranty repairs are always performed in accordance with the manufacturer's or importer's warranty conditions. We encourage you to contact the manufacturer or their service company directly, as this will expedite service and is therefore in your best interest.

The estimated service life is approximately 10-15 working days. In this case, the estimated service time estimate is approximately 10-20 business days.

The cost of an unauthorized service visit will be charged in full to the customer if the product has been delivered for unauthorized warranty service. Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant are not liable for damages caused by the buyer's actions.Unauthorized maintenance costs include any maintenance company costs and costs incurred by Webasant

Business customers are not subject to the terms of the Consumer Protection Act. Business customers will not receive a standard or additional warranty unless specifically agreed.

Our service will retain the products for three (3) months after the customer is notified of the completion of the service / work. The product is then recycled. (Law on the right of a trader to sell an item not picked up).

Lihasvasara.fi and Webasant are responsible for the statutory liability for defects in the products when the product warranty has expired or no warranty has been issued. For more information, email info@lihasvasara.fi.

7. Complaint

The customer is obliged to present a proof of purchase, receipt or other proof of the place and time of purchase upon return or when claiming a defect in the goods. Webasant reserves the right to charge the purchaser for the cost of searching for a receipt.

Complaints will only be processed in writing. A free-form complaint can be submitted by e-mail to info@lihasvasara.fi.

Settlement of disputes and venue: The consumer customer has the right to submit disputes arising from this agreement to the Consumer Disputes Board ( www.kuluttajariita.fi ). Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advice of the Local Register Office ( www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi ). Customer may bring an action against Webasant for disputes arising out of the contractual relationship in the district court of Webasant's domicile. If the customer is not domiciled in Finland, disputes will be handled in the district court of Webasant's domicile. Agent fees will not be reimbursed.

8. Disclaimer

Lihasvasara.fi or Webasant (3134722-6) is not responsible for any costs arising from the use of the products. Once the customer has received the product, he is responsible for using the device properly and storing it properly. In the event of damage, the cost of a defective product will be limited to the maximum selling price of the device as documented by the customer.