Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara
Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara
Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara
Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara
Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara
Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara
Älykäs ryhtiliivi - HailiCare freeshipping - Lihasvasara

Smart vest - HailiCare

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Get Fit - Say Heipat for Back Pain

Smart posture helps with both office work and training. HailiCare's smart posture vest is a solution to back problems. It features a modern unisex design and a one-size-fits-all design that vibrates to alert you when the position deviates 25º from the original position. Start a gradual workout by starting with a quarter of an hour a day and increasing it a little at a time. An LCD display with a counter is very useful for maintaining good position control and recording progress. The display records the times when the back deviates from the set limit of 25º, but this can be restarted at any time.

HailiCare's smart vest has adjustable and flexible straps that make it fully adaptable and very comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, as it can also be worn under clothing. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t need batteries or cumbersome cables, and you can use it anywhere, anytime. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is charge it for about an hour and a half and follow the instructions in the manual that came with it. A USB micro-USB cable is included.

So ​​you can get in bad shape quickly. In addition, relief from neck and shoulder pain without medication by restoring the body's natural posture to muscle memory!

Adverse health effects:

Indeed, many Finns suffer from poor posture , and the problems it causes. Especially those who work on a computer and use a lot of mobile phones. (That is, almost everyone today)

Poor posture causes a variety of problems , such as headaches, neck pain, and a stinging sensation in the shoulder area or morning stiffness in the lower back .

In addition to these, poor posture can also affect breathing , when the lungs collapse . This can lead to reduced alertness and fatigue, as well as a feeling of anxiety in the chest and upper back.

A posture vest helps your body find the right, upright position.

Lihasvasara älykäs ryhtiliivi HailiCare

Plenty of room for adjustment - Suitable for all adults.

Comfortable to wear - Adjustable straps and lightweight construction

Long lasting - Strong rubber straps last a lifetime

You feel more confident - Good posture is also creative in the eyes of the viewer

Not just a temporary solution!

After wearing a vest regularly for an extended period of time, the correct, upright position will begin to remain in your muscle memory . As a result, your muscles know how to keep your posture upright even when you're not wearing a vest.

A life jacket will help your body find the right position for different positions, whether you're doing final work or working out at the gym.

Good posture improves your well-being, self-confidence, endurance and pain relief!

Instructions for use:

Take time for your body to get used to the new position. Stop using it if it starts to feel uncomfortable and continue again the next day.

Use a vest as a reminder. This will make you remember to straighten your posture again, and your own muscles will work to maintain your posture.

We do not recommend wearing a Vest so tightly that it will force the Vest straight. If you wear a vest, your body's own muscles will not be strengthened and the effect will not be permanent.

Start by wearing a Body Vest for 20-30 minutes / day.Gradually increase the duration in 5-10 minute increments until you use it 1-2 hours a day

At this point, your posture is probably already really good and you no longer need a vest every day.

A vest fits very discreetly under clothing, so you can wear it well during the workday.

12 months warranty

We offer a 12-month full warranty on our HailiCare vest. If the product breaks, we will replace it free of charge!


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