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Cryo Push cold compression device
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental
Cryo Push cold compression device - rental

Cryo Push cold compression device - rental

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Promotes postoperative healing
Cold compression

Controls swelling and effectively relieves pain without medication. Research-proven cold compression suppresses pain locally without the need to take medicine for the whole body.

For tears, swelling and recovery
Sports performances

You no longer need to tape a bag of ice cubes to your limb or immerse yourself in an icy pool. All this can be found in the same device.

To reduce pain

Recovering from knee, elbow, shoulder, back and ankle surgeries is often excruciating pain that is alleviated with medication. Cold compression is an alternative to pain relief, reducing the constant intake of medication.

Applications of the cold compression device

For acute injury and pain treatment

Ligament injuries of joints, e.g. ankle, knee and shoulder, or so-called clubfoot and other traumatic muscle injuries with intramuscular bleeding. A drug-free alternative to pain management.

For post-operative rehabilitation

Ankle and knee operations and examinations (acl/mcl), artificial joint operations (knee/hip), various shoulder operations and hand surgery (e.g. wrist).

Active rehabilitation phase

The patient starts active rehabilitation after the operation, as instructed by the doctor and physiotherapist, and starts putting loads on the joint. Cryo Push effectively removes swelling and soothes possible inflammation caused by exertion, thus speeding up the return to a normal active life.


Many professional and recreational athletes rely on cold compression therapy both as an injury prevention and performance recovery treatment.

frequently asked

The biggest difference is the price. Game Ready pays for the brand, while Cryo Push pays for the features. Both are cold compression devices that work with water and ice cubes.

Another of Cryo Push's cold compress devices is very similar to Game Ready. It uses water and ice cubes. The cheaper version, on the other hand, uses refrigerated gel packs. So both use cold and compression as help. A gel pack can even be more convenient if ice cubes are not available.

Typically 15-30 minutes. The device can be used throughout the day, as long as there is always a break of at least 30 minutes between treatments lasting a maximum of 30 minutes.

Examples of applications

Knee bandage

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament surgeries)

Collateral injuries and surgeries

Spiral injuries and repair operations

Knee replacements

Jumper's knee

Ankle bandage

Sprains and tears of ligaments

Achilles tendon injuries and surgeries

Big toe surgeries

Ankle sprains

Other surgeries in the ankle area

Information about products and technology

CryoPush Pro 2.1

A container filled with water and ice cubes, which is controlled from a digital screen. The orthopedic bandage is connected to the device by means of a connecting hose, where pressure and cold water circulate. Seven orthopedic bandages. Compression level 0-120mmHg.

CryoPush Pro Mini

Refrigerable gel packs that are convenient to carry around thanks to the small device. The device adjusts the circulating pressure and thanks to the battery it can be used everywhere. Four orthopedic bandages. Compression level 0-100mmHg.

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